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Our stair clamp is used for box stair construction is rugged yet precise. It is designed for use by a low skill operator. Operate knob to set desired opening using the inch scale. Load stringers, risers & treads and again operate knob to automatically lock clamp. Complete stair assembly with your choice of glue, wedges, nails, screws, etc. Operate knob again to open clamp and slide out finished stair. The Stair-ClampTM Model 16 is a rugged and well built machine which stands up to years of use. It outlasts and outperforms any existing means of box stair assembly.


  • Super heavy duty steel construction
  • Operator choice of stair width
  • Standard box step squared accurately
  • Rigid and square clamp arms
  • Full clamping power on every step
  • Completely pneumatic
  • Minimal operator training required
  • Easy to read scale for width opening
  • Rugged flip up squaring stop (no loose pieces)
  • No hand adjustments required
  • Stringer lengths unlimited
  • Multiple stair assembly stops
  • Lifetime Construction


  • Footprint w/o Overhang…………….. 44” x 144”
  • Height…………………………………… 45” (+3″ With Casters)
  • Machine Weight………………………. 3500 lbs
  • Working Height……………………….. 24″-29″ (+3″ With Casters)
  • Air Required…………………………… 80 PSI Clean & Dry
  • Stringer Support Rail Width…………4″ each side
  • Footprint w/o Overhang : 44” x 144”
  • Height : 45” (+3″ With Casters)
  • Machine Weight : 3500 lbs
  • Working Height : 24″-29″ (+3″ With Casters)
  • Air Required : 80 PSI Clean & Dry
  • Stringer Support Rail Width : 4″ each side


  • 12′ Stair Clamp Length
  • 14′ Stair Clamp Length
  • 16′ Stair Clamp Length
  • Custom Lengths
  • Full Pressure Indicator
  • Extreme Working Height
  • Casters

How It Works, Stair-Clamp™

This Pneumatic only machine requires 80 psi clean and dry compressed air.

  • Open the Stair-Clamp™ to the desired opening using a single control knob.
  • We have provided a scale on the machine to guide you to the desired opening (no tape measure needed).
  • Load two stringers.
  • Insert treads and risers to your pre-routed stringers.
  • Close the Stair-Clamp™ using the same single control knob to clamp your stair true and square.
  • Complete your finished stair with glue, wedges, glue blocks and choice of nails or screws.
  • Open the Stair-Clamp™ using the single control knob and slide out your finished stair.


Stair-Clamp™ Model 16 Data Sheet (51.6 KB PDF)
Download Datasheet


Stair-Clamp™ Model 16 Video

Wedgit™ Model 30 Close Up Cutting Video

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