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The Wedgit™ automatic wedge cutter speaks for itself. This tried and true 3rd generation machine cuts wedges without an attendant. Change wedge angle and wedge thickness on-the-fly. Operator choice of wedge length and board thickness. Consume entire boards (no scrap left over). Capable of 5″ up to 11″ wedge lengths. The WedgitTM Model 30 uses PLC technology to automatically cut wedges to fit your stairs. Simple operation requires minimal training.
  • Load riser board
  • Set end of board stop
  • Press Run button
  • Machine will then cut notches automatically and continuously until board reaches end of board stop.
  • After cutting, the operator has a default choice of repeating pitch, depth and board length or changing selections.


  • Minimal operator training
  • Runs unattended
  • PLC control with pneumatic power
  • Full 2 HP cutting power
  • High speed automatic cutting
  • Does not require programming
  • Standard 10” blade capacity
  • Heavy duty steel construction
  • Riser capacity 4” to 12” by ¼” to 1½”
  • Operator choice of notch depth
  • Operator choice of notch pitch
  • Operator choice of board length


  • Footprint w/o Overhang………33” x 47”
  • Height w/cover down………….58”
  • Weight………………………………500 lbs
  • Motor Power Required……….220VAC 3PH 20 A
  • Control Power Required……..115VAC 1PH
  • Air Required……………………..80 psi clean and dry
  • Saw Blade Capacity……………10” dia. x 5/8 hole
  • Footprint w/o Overhang : 33” x 47”
  • Height w/cover down : 58”
  • Weight : 500 lbs
  • Motor Power Required : 220VAC 3PH 20 A
  • Control Power Required : 115VAC 1PH
  • Air Required : 80 psi clean and dry
  • Saw Blade Capacity : 10” dia. x 5/8 hole

How It Works, Wedgit™ Model 30

Our machines run on 208-220 volt 3 phase service to run motors. We also require 120 volt service for control and 80 psi clean and dry compressed air. All our machines operate under electrical control with pneumatic clamping.The Wedgit™ automatic wedge cutter speaks for itself. This tried and true 3rd generation wedge machine cuts wedges without an attendant. Change wedge cutter angle and wedge cutter thickness on-the-fly.

A low skill operator has a choice of wedge cutting length and board thickness. The wedge saw is capable of 5″ up to 11″ wedge lengths. This is a single blade wedge saw with a full 2 HP wedge sawing capacity. This wedge saw is a stand alone/work alone wedge cutter, just load the hopper and press run.


Wedgit™ Model 30 Data Sheet (35.7 KB PDF)
Download Datasheet


Wedgit™ Model 30 Video

Wedgit™ Model 30 Close Up Cutting Video

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